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May. 16th, 2011


GAGGING - a poem

I’m suffocating
From the foam
A kelp habit
In my limbs
Encased in handcuffs
Cold and smooth
And gagging
In myself
Let me out!

May. 15th, 2011


DORMANT - a poem

No more chances for him!
My feelings are
A limbless daisy
Left in a field of similar skeletons
Between the bare toes of young lovers
Our virtues are our vices
In the marshmallowy
Land of love

(written about 10 years ago!)

May. 12th, 2011


Inspiration - gone because I'm engaged now????

Seems that all my old poems are pissed off poems at love that didn't work out.  Haha, I guess it's what inspires me.

Problem though - now I'm engaged, will I still be inspired????????????????????????????

UNSPOKEN - a poem

Four months
Too soon to get attached?
So short a time
But I did.

Fractured and healing
From my past
I tiptoed into feelings
And towards love.

Though unspoken
It was catching up with me
But I don’t think
It will ever catch up with you

Your passion and drive
Is what pulled me to you
But where was your passion for me?

(Although an old poem, it's nice to reflect on a time when yes, I was unsuccessful at love, and now I'm sitting here, engaged, looking forward to my future.  As probably shown in my poem, I'm not engaged to the person that this poem was written about years ago.)

AT WHAT POINT - a poem

Has there been
Too much water under the bridge?

Has the floodgates opened and thrown us
Onto different sides of the river
With no way to cross together?

At what point is
The water too deep
The current too powerful
The river too polluted with the past?

At what point do we say
It’s uncrossable.

May. 9th, 2011


MASKS - a poem

When I look at you
And look you in the eye
My soul cries out
And I mask
My feelings
From the world.
Your naked thoughts
Are exposed
To me
You're so far away.
I crave the moments we spend
Your eyes are shadowed
But the light I saw
Flickers weakly
And there is hope.

May. 6th, 2011


Engagement - some rambling thoughts!

 This week I got engaged.   I'm finding it slightly weird.  Did I ever think I'd get married? Yes.  Did I ever think I'd get married to my current partner/fiancée?  Yes.  Why so weird?
It's not that it's so final, I guess it's the adult-ness of it.  I still think fart jokes are funny, am I grownup enough to get married?
I'm not a girly girl, and now I'm wearing a ring, and being asked when the big day is, bridal mags must be the next step!

I love him so much, I guess I'm still in shock that somebody wants to marry me.  I'm going to sit back and enjoy the journey!

May. 5th, 2011


CHANCED - a poem about love

 I wish I knew
What happened that night

The music pumping
The stars so bright

Did you hold me softly
As we danced?

Did I walk away
When I should have chanced?

May. 1st, 2011


YOUR THUMB - a poem

Out from under your thumb
I run
Your green perspective
Has left no deep indents
On my life.
Over the years
We've changed
My priorities too
Now they do not involve you.

Apr. 30th, 2011


GARDEN CITY - a poem for Christchurch #eqnz

In another city
Of equally unbalanced soil
We watch, waiting
We wait, watching
For the fate of the Garden City
In disrepair
A Cathedral lies
Buses cringe under turmoil
People cringe under buses
Beyond repair?
In another city
Of equally unbalanced soil
We pray, hoping
We hope, praying
For the faces of the Garden City

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